Hi there! I’m Stefan Broeder, host of the show and writer of this blog. I have created Talking Music to help you as a musician to learn how the professionals do it: how they write songs, what gear and techniques they use and how they’ve managed to reach a large audience. This will help you focus on what’s important in your own journey to musical fame – you can use the same principles.

Apart from the show you will find useful information on my blog. The articles combine interviews and stories from the pros with research on subjects like memorization techniques, promotion strategy and studio workflow optimization. I like to approach music as a science. It’s so fascinating how such an intangible thing as music can be explained with theory and principles. Studying these and digging into the details for fun is what led me to start Talking Music – to share every interesting fact or useful practice with you.

More information about me can be found on my personal website, stefanbroeder.com, as well as on the YouTube channel of the show – make sure to check it out if you haven’t done so, I guarantee you will love it. You can stay in touch by signing up for the weekly newsletter which gets you:

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Thanks for being here and let me know when you have interesting stories to share – we might meet in the show someday!